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While building businesses and buildings in Colorado, we were drawn to Alaska for some new business adventures. In 2008 we built two high end lodges in Cooper Landing, AK and in 2014 we started Alaska Flower in Sterling, AK.

We’ve always been astounded by how quickly things grown in Alaska. It made sense to start a business that thrived with the natural resources of sunlight and rain. We researched products that we could grow and learned that the University in Fairbanks had done considerable research on growing Peonies. This appealed to us as flowers have always been a part of our celebrations. We learned that Peony bushes can live for 75 years and have talked to so many people who fondly remember their Grandmothers peonies. Peonies are a favorite bridal flower and Alaska is the only place in the world where flowers bloom in July, August and September.

We are enjoying the opportunity to work outside in Alaska’s cooler summer temperatures and nurturing plants that grow such beautiful flowers. Marcia has said that growing our peonies feeds a part of her soul while Bill has enjoyed building the processing barn and the field work to create a beautiful Alaska farm.

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My birthday was especially amazing after receiving a delivery of Alaska Flower peonies. Everyone was envious that in August such beautiful and fragrant peonies were available.

Patsy M.